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English Department

Fun and Exciting Programs Offered at the Glen Cove Public Library!


The Glen Cove English Department and the Glen Cove Public Library are partnering to raise awareness of the ample reading opportunities and activities offered at the library. Reading is such an integral part of cognitive growth and it’s important to create a spark for reading that will grow into a love of books. The Glen Cove Public Library offers programs, services, clubs, activities, and presentations that engage students in reading, writing, thinking, and reflecting. Please use the following links to gain access to the library’s various resources.


Academic Programs and Workshops


Book Clubs and Discussions







If your child does not have a library account, please use the following link. Please print and fill out the application and have your child return the completed form to the Glen Cove Public Library or the main office at their designated school building.

Library Application

Tuesday, July 07, 2020