The Glen Cove Visual Arts Program


Our visual arts department is proud of our hard working students. The visual arts develop students’ imagination, self-confidence, creativity, and intrinsic motivation.  Through study of the arts, students gain the essentials to become leaders for the future. Students create individually and as teams. They self assess and work in groups to critique one another’s’ work, problem solve, and reflect. They discover creativity within themselves, appreciate the talent of others, and make connections that allow them to adapt to their rapidly changing world.  

The Glen Cove School District offers students learning experiences in visual arts from Kindergarten through High School, during the school day, and after school through extra curricular clubs and organizations.  Our highly qualified, certified Visual Art teachers deliver a curriculum rich with opportunities for self-exploration and expression.  We are committed to the importance of the arts in the development of well-educated citizens for our future.  

We encourage you to learn about our programs and to support your children as they explore and create using their imaginations, work, commitment, and passion for learning.

Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014

LeeAnn Palazzo
Art Team Leader

Deasy School, Landing School

Glen Cove High School

Glen Cove High School

Glen Cove High School

Glen Cove High School

Gribbin School, Connolly School

Finley Middle School, Landing School, Connolly School

Finley Middle School

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