Curriculum snapshots

Our classrooms are buzzing as our work gets underway. 

A pre-K orientation welcomes new families to the Deasy community.


In Kg, students working with Ms. Bennardo are busy creating works of art.  While in Discovery Cove, they set forth on a year-long study of trees and wood by learning to observe closely, draw carefully and ask plenty of questions. 




In first grade, students learn how to contact a work of art as part of our Visual Thinking Strategies curriculum, taught in collaboration with the Nassau County Museum of Art.  Then equipped with eye-droppers, toothpicks, and wax paper, they begin their year-long study of water and marine life at the beginning -- by encountering and writing about the curious behavior of a single drop.





Openings for students in our pre-K program at Deasy School


SEPTA Claynation September 20th


Opening Day Staff Convocation

Glen Cove Superintendent of Schools Maria Rianna warmly welcomed faculty and staff back to school at the Opening Day Staff Convocation, which was held prior to the first day of school.

During the ceremony, Rianna reflected on her comments from last year’s Superintendent’s Day Conference, the first for her at the district’s helm.  

“Last year I said I was honored to be your superintendent, but I was never more honored than I am this morning,” she said. “You are dedicated to this community and to the children in this community. You’re amazing.”

The superintendent also shared her personal focus for the upcoming school year.

“My focus is our children,” Rianna stated. “What can we do to enhance their success? The answer is simple — continue to work together to ensure that every student is provided with a program that meets their needs and goals. And how do we do that? What makes the difference? You sitting before me, you are there each day with our children working hard to deliver the instruction that makes learning occur.”

A highlight and annual tradition of the event was the recognition of faculty and staff with years of dedicated service to the school community. The most senior personnel honored were Edna Barr, a senior account clerk at the Thayer House, with 40 years of service; and Rosemary Tripp, a computer monitor at Connolly School, with 45 years of service. Tripp received a standing ovation from her colleagues.

Other honorees included: Marian DeCarlo, Kathryn Caulfield, Frances Krisch, Jean Bennardo, Lisa Pignataro, Carolina Aufiero, Ruth Arnone, Laurie Dutchen, Amy Mendrinos, Carmelina Peralta, Christine Skaar, Vincenzina Abbondandolo, Brenda Macari and MaryJo Mazure with at least 20 years working in Glen Cove; Geraldine Melfi, Rowell Bencio, Judith Smith, Maureen Pickering, Janet Canfield, Cheryl Carmondy, Cheryl Chase, Nancy Frisch, Donna Scherr and Hector Rosario with at least 25 years; Susan Elias, Joseph Solomito, Irena Kamola, Mary Marrone and Joy Karousos with at least 30 years; Nancy Capobiano, Vincent Calabrese and Mary Murphy with 35 years of service.

Following the opening ceremony faculty members were addressed by the Glen Cove Teachers Association, before heading to their respective schools for faculty meetings and school level activities.

Everyone has rights at Landing

Landing students continued a long-time school tradition when they signed the Landing School Bill of Rights at an assembly held on Sept. 5.

Initially started by Dr. Michael Israel in 1999, Landing’s Bill of Rights is guided on the principles that every Landing student has a right to learn; a right to feel and be safe; a right to be respected; and a right to speak and be heard.

“I love this tradition,” Landing Principal Dimitri Kryoneris said. “It sets a positive, safe tone to the school year.”

At the assembly, each student signed their name to the Bill of Rights, which will be framed and displayed in the hallway to the building’s All Purpose Room. By signing the document, the children are reminded of the importance of being kind and respectful to each other. In addition, they realize they must work together with their parents and teachers to make a difference in the Glen Cove Community.

Ready to Learn


School buildings were bustling with excitement and activity on Sept. 3, as Glen Cove City School District students in grades K-12 headed back to school ready for a fun year of learning.

Arriving bright and early were Glen Cove High School students, who reconnected with friends before heading to the main lobby to find the location of their homerooms. Interim Principal Roseann Cirnigliaro was on hand to lend support and said she was looking forward to the upcoming school year.

“The teachers and students came back with a positive attitude and we anticipate it being a wonderful year,” Cirnigliaro said.

At Robert M. Finley Middle School, children happily walked the halls finding their classrooms with help from their peers and teachers. They also received their lockers and combinations, which also required some teacher assistance.

Principal Nelson Iocolano said the morning was a bit hectic, but fun.

“It’s great to see the children excited to be here,” Iocolano said.

Meanwhile, at Margaret A. Connolly Elementary School, Principal Rosemarie Sekelsky visited each classroom welcoming new and returning students back to school. Sekelsky also reminded fifth graders to set a positive example for the younger students.

“Remember our school motto is to always try your best,” Sekelsky said. “I need you to be good role models for the fourth graders down the hall.”

Students at K.A. Deasy Elementary School were also busy learning the routines of their classrooms and receiving tours of their school building. Kindergarten students in Mrs. Cleary’s class also enjoyed “Chrysanthemum” by Kevin Henkes, which was read to them during story time.

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PTA Book Fair

Students at Connolly School were thrilled to participate in the annual Welcome Back to School Book Fair, which was sponsored by the Connolly PTA on Sept. 10-11.

Connolly Principal Rosemarie Sekelsky offered her many thanks to PTA Treasurer Madeline Conte for setting up for the book fair and for “manning” the register during the event.

Adult Education Program Guide - Fall 2014

Note: There was a date change for the Microsoft Excel: Introduction class.


Orientation and fun for incoming freshman

Glen Cove High School’s incoming freshmen met their soon-to-be teachers, received class schedules and toured their new school building at the ninth-grade orientation and barbecue, which was held prior to the 2014-15 school year.
Welcoming the new students were Glen Cove High School Interim Principal Roseann Cirnigliaro and Assistant Principals Allen Hudson and Nadine Richards, who reassured the incoming freshmen.
“We’re all going to work together to make sure you have a terrific four years at Glen Cove High School,” Cirnigliaro said.
Superintendent of Schools Maria Rianna was also in attendance and reminded students to not be frightened.
“Don’t be afraid to ask a question,” Rianna said. “We are all here to help you and our goal is to make sure you have a successful school year and a successful high school career at Glen Cove.”  
The first-year students met with guidance counselors, who furnished them with a copy of their 2014-15 class schedules. Freshmen students walked the halls of the high school building familiarizing themselves with their new surroundings.
The event concluded with a barbecue, thanks to food and drink donations by the school’s PTSA. Students enjoyed some music, caught up with friends and took pictures with props in a photo booth. They also tried their luck at winning raffles, which were donated by the Glen Cove Booster Club.  

Community Leaders in Unison: Get the Message: Don’t Text and Drive

Glen Cove community leaders and the Police Department joined forces recently and in unison warned the public not to talk or text on a cellphone while driving a motor vehicle.  In just a few days, Glen Cove students will begin a new school year and drivers of all ages are warned that police will be actively looking for motorists who are driving distracted by texting or talking on a cellphone.

The use of portable electronic devices while driving includes: viewing, playing games, composing or sending a text; reading something on the device; and using the device to send e-mails. Texting is by far the most dangerous form of distracted driving because it requires visual, manual and cognitive attention by the driver.

The penalty for being convicted of texting while driving is currently five (5) driver violation points.  The Glen Cove Court will also impose a monetary fine of $150.00 plus $88.00 in surcharges to those convicted.  Those with a junior driver’s license or with a learner’s permit will lose their license /permit for at least 60 days upon conviction.

In a recent survey, the National Highway Traffic Administration found that 10% of all drivers under the age of 20 who were involved in fatal car crashes were reported as “distracted” at the time of the accident. The best way to end distracted driving is to educate all drivers on the danger it poses. Eyes on the road don’t text or talk on a cellphone while driving a motor vehicle.   

Welcome BBQ for incoming sixth-grade students

Sixth-grade students entering Robert M. Finley Middle School were welcomed with food and fun at the district’s annual sixth grade orientation on August 27. Students were greeted by faculty members and listened to a presentation led by Finley Middle School Principal Nelson Iocolano.

“We think its important for students and faculty to spend time and share a meal together just like a family would,” he said, “because here at Finley Middle School we want to foster a nurturing “family style” environment.”

After the presentation, Michelle Melfi, Glen Cove High School National Junior Honors Society member, led the entire sixth-grade class in a scavenger hunt around the building. Students were separated into groups and worked as a team to check off every item on the list. Students also had an opportunity to test their skills at opening their lockers. After completing the scavenger hunt, students and faculty enjoyed a traditional barbeque spread outside in the courtyard.

Summer of Success

This summer, more than 20 incoming ninth-grade students participated in an intensive six-week Summer of Success Program. Throughout the program, the instructors, Frank Monteone and Sendi Diaz, provided interactive and challenging instruction in English Language Arts, global studies and mathematics. In addition, the students learned various note taking and study skill techniques. Upon the completion of the program, each student earned a certificate of completion and several individual awards.

Updated Immunization Requirements for Incoming Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 6th Grade Students

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