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100 Days Smarter at Gribbin School

100 Days Smarter at Gribbin School photo

Students at Gribbin School celebrated the 100th day of school with a variety of fun academic activities that incorporated counting to 100.

In Michelle Mardiney’s bilingual kindergarten class, students did 100 exercises while watching a video of counting to 100 in Spanish. They also created necklaces using 100 beads and practiced writing their numbers. Meanwhile, kindergartners in Irene Kamola’s class participated in mathematics-themed centers that focused on counting to 100. First-graders enjoyed a 100-day snack comprised of pretzel rods and clementines. They also completed a writing activity that focused on what they’d like to have 100 of, and grouped items by fives, 10s and 25s to equal 100.         

Souper Bowl at Gribbin Benefits Local Families

Souper Bowl at Gribbin Benefits Local Families photo
Students at Gribbin Elementary School recently participated in the Souper Bowl of Caring for the ninth consecutive year. 

The Souper Bowl is a nationwide food drive that calls on schools, churches and other organizations to collect nonperishable food items and donate them to a local charity of their choice. The event coincides with the NFL’s Super Bowl to bring awareness to the needs of food pantries across the country, which were depleted during the December holidays. 

Gribbin School families donated 126 pounds of food over the two-week collection period. The collected food was donated to the food pantry at Saint Rocco’s Church in Glen Cove. 

Gribbin Students Celebrate Mentors

Gribbin Students Celebrate Mentors Pic
Gribbin Students Celebrate Mentors Pic 2
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The Gribbin School Mentoring Program celebrated National Mentoring Month on Jan. 31 in the school library. Each Gribbin student made their mentor a thank-you gift. They also shared dessert and some quality time together at this fun celebration. The Mentoring Program at Gribbin has been in operation for 12 years and is coordinated by school social worker Kristin Brosnan and Principal Francine Santoro.

Buddy Reading Day at Gribbin

Buddy Reading Day at Gribbin photo

As part of Gribbin’s Pick A Reading Partner activities, classes paired up to share books during Buddy Reading Day. Teachers placed students together to take turns reading to each other. Children delighted in discussing their favorite stories with students from another grade level. This was one way to promote the importance and joy of reading.


The Circus Comes to Gribbin

The Circus Comes to Gribbin photo

Gribbin students are learning circus tricks in physical education class under the direction of teacher Mark Checola. According to Mr. Checola, the circus skills unit lasts approximately four weeks and teaches students balance, coordination, focus and safety, while performing circuslike activities. The students participated in a variety of activities, such as spinning a plate connected to a stick, balancing a long feather in the palm of their hand and walking on a balance beam.


Gribbin Second-Graders Celebrate Writing Accomplishments

Gribbin Second-Graders Celebrate Writing Accomplishments photo

Students in Coleen Brunhuber’s class presented their small-moment stories and nonfiction books to classmates and family members during a writing celebration on Jan. 18.

One by one, students went to a microphone at the front of the classroom and read their small-moment stories, which Mrs. Brunhuber projected onto the class smart board. The second-graders wrote about a variety of experiences, including skiing, bowling and apple picking. After reading their work, they returned to their desks and shared their nonfiction books and a snack with their invited guest. The students are honing their writing skills using Writing Workshop, a new program initiated by the district in partnership with Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. 

“The students are reading and writing every day as part of this program, and they’re really excited about it,” Mrs. Brunhuber said. 

According to Mrs. Brunhuber, the nonfiction book assignment required students to become an expert on something. Research was conducted using the PebbleGo app. The second-graders learned the importance of sensory details and that each story must have a beginning, middle and end. They also used authors, such as Jane Yolen, as mentors. 


Monthly Family Nights Begin

Family Nights Begin

To combat the busy schedules of families, the district has implemented a monthly Family Night. On Family Night, students will not be assigned any homework from their classroom teachers, allowing their families to preplan fun activities, without interruption.

Family Night will be held on the following dates:
Oct. 25        Jan. 31          April 18
Nov. 22        Feb. 14         May 23
Dec. 20        March 21       June 13