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Field Day at Landing

Field Day at Landing  photo

Landing School’s Field Day was held on May 25. During the event, this year’s New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Excellence in Physical Education awards were given to Frank Andrade and Jaylin Neder. Exceptional fitness physical education trophies were given to students Heather Alvarado, Vera Glouchkov, Devon Gonzalez, Grace Guillen, Jordan Pardo, Jayden Ramirez, Mayleen Chavez Reyes, Kailey Yanes Rosa, Ryan Sita and Davin Young. In addition, Corey Freeman and Mariela Hernandez were awarded the Courage Trophy, which is given to a student who demonstrates superior courage throughout the school year.

Fitness plays a big role in the physical education program at Landing School. Students try to improve their fitness levels by participating in various activities throughout the academic school year. Students take baseline and summative fitness tests to document individual improvements. A number of students achieved 80 situps on both their prefitness and postfitness tests for curl-ups. That is an incredible achievement. Congratulations to those students and to all those who achieved 80 curl-ups! 

Teachers, staff and parents participated in the adult water balloon toss to the delight of the students. Many thanks to Ms. Conti, our water balloon station leader, for her return to Landing School for this special day and special thanks to Mrs. Amy Mendrinos for her assistance in the early morning setup. A special note of thanks to Mrs. Lisa Galante-Cipriano for her Field Day photographs.

Field Day was a success thanks to Mrs. Buhr and Mrs. Jimenez, Landing PTA, Principal Benjamin Roberts, parents, staff, custodians Mr. Anthony Grazioso and Mr. Basile, Building and Grounds, and especially DJ Pace Entertainment. Physical education teacher Karen Serani extended her appreciation to all those who made Field Day a success!

Landing Duo Breaks School’s PACER Fitness Record

Landing Duo Breaks School’s PACER Fitness Record photo
Landing Elementary School students are constantly working to improve their fitness levels during physical education classes throughout the academic school year. This year, two third-grade students were able to break Landing’s cardiovascular PACER fitness test record.

Congratulations to Cameron Allan and Bryan Guerra, who both achieved 66 laps on the PACER test, breaking the 3-year-old record held by Jonathan Patino.

Cameron and Bryan completed this achievement by taking the test side by side and completing 66 laps simultaneously. The exiting score for fifth-grade students is 40 laps, so these two young boys far surpassed their cardiovascular fitness level for their ages in third grade.

They were given a certificate at Landing School’s Field Day to acknowledge this wonderful achievement.

Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association

Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association photo
Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association photo 2
Landing Students Raise Thousands for American Heart Association photo 3
Landing Elementary School raised an all-time-high of $10,780 during its Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser. The fundraiser took place during the month of February in conjunction with the American Heart Association’s Heart Month.

Congratulations to Arden and Paige Jimenez, who raised a combined $1,620, the most ever raised by a family. Arden raised $1,000, setting a new record at the school.  

Other top fundraisers were:
Milo Walthers:   $575
Madelyn Buhr:   $566
Mia Lupinski:   $500
Juliet Bifone:   $450
Kalia Edwards:  $300

Through the Jump Rope for Heart program, students secure donations to jump rope during their physical education class to raise awareness about heart health. There were 122 students and staff that participated in the fundraiser, with 61 of those students raising $7,803 online. Mrs. Muzante, Ms. Serani and Mrs. Sullivan collected the remaining donations at school. 

In grade 3, Mrs. Tenke’s class raised a Landing School all-time-high of $1,560; in grade 4, Mrs. Clark’s class raised $1,327 and in grade 5, Mrs. Reynolds class raised $444. Every student who raised money received an instant lanyard and “scare crew member,” a small alien-type gift, which was placed on our “Scare Team” poster at school. 

Many thanks to all those who donated to this worthwhile cause. Each year, we are thankful and appreciative of the incredible support throughout this fundraiser to help those less fortunate than ourselves. A special thanks to Mrs. Muzante and Mr. Graziosi for their help in distributing the more than 230 prizes to the students who participated.