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Landing Families Participate in Free Thermometer Program

Landing Families Participate in Free Thermometer Program photo
Landing Families Participate in Free Thermometer Program photo 2
Landing School began taking part in Kinsa’s FLUency free thermometer program in October 2017, under the guidance of physical education teacher Karen Serani. 

Landing was one of 200 schools chosen from 4,000 elementary schools in the United States to participate. More than 120 families at Landing signed up using the Kinsa app and received a free Bluetooth thermometer. Those enrolled in the program are able to see aggregated, anonymous information on any symptoms and illnesses going around the school. Families can read up on school issues and record their child’s health history for a quicker, more accurate diagnosis. In addition, Kinsa guides that individual on the next steps if fever and symptoms are cause for concern. 

Landing School is thankful for the Bluetooth thermometers donated by Kinsa and the Lysol Company.

Spelling Success for Landing’s Phoebe Pinder

Spelling Success for Landing’s Phoebe Pinder photo
Landing School Spelling Bee champion Phoebe Pinder qualified for the final round of the Long Island Regional Spelling Bee at Hofstra University on Sunday, Feb. 11. Landing School celebrated Phoebe’s achievements at an assembly on Feb. 9. 

Emergency Pillowcase Preparedness at Landing

Emergency Pillowcase Preparedness at Landing photo

Landing School students participated in the American Red Cross’ Pillowcase Project when American Red Cross AmeriCorps representatives visited their school.

The Pillowcase Project teaches children coping skills to help them deal with an emergency situation and also offers tips and tools to help them prepare for emergencies. It’s made possible thanks to a grant from Disney and came to fruition after American Red Cross volunteers witnessed victims of Hurricane Katrina packing personal belongings in pillowcases when leaving their homes. 

Topics of discussion included the importance of having an escape plan in the event of a home fire, the need for smoke detectors in every room, tips on what to do if there’s a hurricane and more. The students were trained through the program’s three core principles, Learn, Practice and Share: Learn how emergencies happen and how to stay safe when they do; practice what you learn so you’ll be ready when an emergency happens; and share what you’ve learned so that everyone knows how to stay safe in an emergency.

After the discussion, students received and had an opportunity to decorate pillowcases they received from the organization. The students were encouraged to draw pictures of important items they wanted to bring with them in an emergency. Principal Benjamin Roberts expressed his gratitude to the organization and physical education teacher Karen Serani for organizing the event.


Landing Hosts Annual Spelling Bee

Landing Hosts Annual Spelling Bee photo
Landing Hosts Annual Spelling Bee photo 2
Landing School fifth-grader Phoebe Pinder was named the school’s Scripps Spelling Bee winner on Jan. 9.  

Reading teacher Ms. Kristina Carlstrom and fourth-grade teacher Ms. Melissa Harechmak organized the bee and helped to prepare the students for the schoolwide assembly. Phoebe, along with the top two spellers in each of the fifth-grade classes, participated. Principal Benjamin Roberts served as the moderator, while Mrs. Monica Altamirano, Mrs. Margaret Clark, Ms. Karen Serani and Mrs. Jamie Sharfman helped judge the event. Phoebe won by spelling the word “bulletin” correctly. Fifth-grader Jordan Billings was runner-up.

Mr. Roberts congratulated Phoebe along with the other contestants, Tyler Bartolomeo-Michie, Jordan Billings, Kaelyn Bonilla, Julian Landaverde, Mia Mejia, Jalyin Neder, Arianna Romeo, Cole Sciacca and Nehemiah Toutoute.

Landing Students Construct Ecosystems

Landing Students Construct Ecosystems 1
Landing Students Construct Ecosystems 1
Ecosystems 3
Ecosystems 4
Ecosystems 5
Landing fourth-graders in Melissa Harechmak’s class created ecosystems to conclude their unit on life science, animals and plants.  

Ms. Harechmak worked with her class and students in Mrs. Susan Fiumara’s class to begin their projects in school. The students began their research at school by looking at different ecosystems and habitats using databases, such as PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and National Geographic Kids. They then worked at home to research their ecosystem in more depth, to include at least three animals and two plants. 

The students completed a writing piece describing the animals and plants, using information they learned in class and incorporating new vocabulary words. According to Ms. Harechmak, their writing pieces really demonstrated their understanding of their ecosystem, animals and plants. 

They then created a 3-D diorama representing their ecosystem. The students had a great time creating the dioramas at home using many different art materials and animal figurines to help make the project come to life. The culminating activity was in-class presentations, where students practiced their oral presentation skills as they explained their research to their peers.    

Monthly Family Nights Begin

Family Nights Begin

To combat the busy schedules of families, the district has implemented a monthly Family Night. On Family Night, students will not be assigned any homework from their classroom teachers, allowing their families to preplan fun activities, without interruption.

Family Night will be held on the following dates:
Oct. 25        Jan. 31          April 18
Nov. 22        Feb. 14         May 23
Dec. 20        March 21       June 13