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Finley Students Commit to Giving Back at WE Day UN

Finley Students Commit to Giving Back at WE Day UN photo

Robert M. Finley Middle School Kiwanis Builders Club members attended WE Day UN at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 20.

Presenters told stories of inspiration, encouraging students to not take life for granted and to take chances. Some challenged them to make change in the world, both locally and globally. Speakers at the event included Chelsea Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, past President of Ireland Mary Robinson, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Grace Vanerwaal, winner of “America’s Got Talent.”

The students who attended WE Day UN have made the commitment to give back to their community this year through service. For more information about WE Day UN, please visit

Finley Welcomes Incoming Sixth-Graders

Finley Welcomes Incoming Sixth-Graders photo

Soon-to-be sixth-graders at R. M. Finley Middle School met with school administrators, bonded with their fellow classmates and received new Chromebooks when they attended Sixth-Grade Orientation on Aug. 29.

The morning began with students and parents receiving a “Sixth-Grade Survival Guide,” which offered information about school clubs, as well as tips and advice from upper classmen. It also explained the amount of time between classes, instructions on how to open lockers and more. Principal Nelson Iocolano spoke to students about social media and reminded the middle school students to “THINK”— Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary or Kind, before posting. The group also watched an “Intro to Google Classroom” video created by students on the school’s technology committee. 

A highlight of the meeting was the distribution of brand new Chromebooks to the sixth-grade students. Each child received the technology and a case embroidered with the Glen Cove logo that will be used for classroom instruction. The district is supplying Chromebooks to all sixth- and seventh-grade students for the upcoming school year. 

The sixth-graders also took part in a scavenger hunt. Led by upperclassmen and using clues they were given, they were taken on a tour of the school, learning where important locations were throughout the building.  

The orientation wrapped up with a PTA-sponsored barbeque lunch. Assistant Principal Lawrence Carroll manned the grill along with PTA members. Students enjoyed hot dogs and snacks, while getting to know their classmates.