Central Administration

Dr. Maria L. Rianna – Superintendent
Dr. Michael Israel – Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum, Instruction & Technology

District Plan


District Committee Members:

  • Lawrence Carroll, Assistant Principal, Middle School
  • Allen Hudson, Assistant Principal, High School
  • Mary Murphy, Coordinator of Special Education
  • Rose Sekelsky, President of G.C.E.A.A., Principal, Connolly School
  • Monica Altamirano, Teacher, Landing School
  • Karen Ferguson, President of G.C.T.A
  • Alison Fletcher, Teacher, Connolly School
  • Wendy Grossman, Teacher, Deasy School
  • Mary Oberle, Teacher, Middle School
  • Carmine Rotolo, Teacher, High School
  • Antoinette Bellomo, Co-President, PTA Council
  • Alexander Juarez, Parent (joined committee Jan. 7, 2014)
  • Janice LaRocca, Parent
  • Debbie Manzione, Parent
  • Michele Maziejka, Co-President, PTA Council






Friday, May 27, 2016