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District Goals

NYS Report Card - 2012 – 2013 not available from NYSED yet

The following District Goals were developed between the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools:

I - To continue to improve student achievement by continuing to create a culture of learning where academics come first.
Student achievement is usually measured by grades, assessment results and Regents results. Student achievement is always linked to excellent instruction and a challenging curriculum. Outstanding institutions of learning possess a pervasive culture of learning, where every member of the school community knows that learning comes first. Our foundation for a culture of learning rests upon four pillars:
  1. An inquiry-based approach to teaching which stimulates student thinking;
  2. A systematic approach of "Teaching for student Understanding;"1
  3. A classroom curriculum design based upon a philosophy of "Understanding by Design;"2
  4. An instructional program designed so that all students can learn and achieve based upon differentiation of instruction.
Evidence of Success
  1. Assessment scores will continue to increase and will be more than competitive with other Long Island school districts. It is expected that the grade 3-8 assessment scores in Math and ELA will continue to increase and be sustained.
    1. At least 95% of our students will pass Math and ELA Assessments;
    2. 25% of our students will score at the 4th performance level;
    3. Our black, Hispanic, special education and ESL students will continue to close the achievement gap by passing the Assessments at the average passing rate for all New York State students.
  2. Regents scores and High School diploma rates will continue to increase.
    1. Our students will achieve at least an 85% passing rate on every Regents exam.
    2. At least 50% of our students will achieve a mastery score (85 to100) on each of the Regents exams within the next two years.

    1 "Teaching for Understanding" is an approach developed by Harvard’s Project Zero.
    2 "Understanding by Design" is an approach developed by Grant Wiggins.

  3. Our results on Advanced Placement tests will increase. Within the next two years the average AP score for each of the AP courses will reach a 3.00 score.
II- To attract and retain young families in bringing and keeping their children in the Glen Cove Public Schools.
The public image and reputation of our schools must inspire public confidence and trust. It needs to be recognized by the school community that we are providing the highest quality educational program for all of our students. Our schools need to continue to make progress in being a safe, secure, attractive and controlled environment.

Evidence of Success
  1. Enhancing firm and fair disciplinary practices that will bring about a public perception of fewer serious disciplinary incidents, sustaining high student attendance rates, and further decreasing class cutting and lateness.
    1. The High School and Middle School disciplinary incidents stemming from violence, theft, and confrontational behavior will decrease at least 10% each year for the next three years (duplicated number of student offenses).
    2. The High School and Middle School attendance rates will exceed 96%.
    3. The rate of student cuts and lateness at the High School will be decreased by at least 15% over the next two years.
  2. Creating a comprehensive public relations plan. This plan will strive to improve the public image of the schools; establish goals; develop concrete strategies as to how to fulfill the goals; identify evidence of success; and measure results.
  3. Monitoring and making improvements to our various innovative programs and approaches: the continued grade by grade expansion of our instrumental strings program; performing arts program; Chinese Mandarin program; cultural exchange program in the arts; athletics and weight training program for all High School students; High School English program designed around elective courses; the evening GED program for older students; social/emotional learning curriculum; a rigorous pre-honors program; the High School Community Service requirement; the High School innovations program and academies program; the development of a Middle School enrichment and accelerated programs which will be implemented in the 2010-2011 school year, and 8th grade transition program (New Venture) which will be implemented in the 2010-2011 school year; the redesigning of the Alternative High School into the Transition 9 high school-based program; and the review and improvement of the Academics Plus program at the elementary schools.
  4. Enhancing the Pre-K – 12 instructional program through the effective use of electronic technologies as evidenced by more teachers using technology in a sustained and meaningful manner through project-based approaches and daily instructional use. These practices will be assessed through observation, examination of student products, and inclusion in teacher lesson plans.
  5. Increasing college acceptances of our graduating class into the top 25 colleges. Also, promoting the accomplishments of our student athletes in an effort to attract athletic scholarships.
III- To continue to instill a sense of trust, confidence and pride in the schools in order to earn the support of taxpayers.
In order to pass school budgets, voters must be confident that their tax dollars are being spent wisely and that our children are receiving an excellent education. There are many indicators which measure the extent to which our schools are continuing to improve and that the public is getting its money’s worth. Those indicators include such things as the condition of our buildings and grounds; the fiscal health of the district; the transparency of information and the decision making processes on the part of the Board of Education and Administration; the quality of on-going communication between and among the various stakeholders of the school community including the Board of Education, the Administration, the teachers, staff members, community members and the students; evidence that school personnel are listening and are responsive to the wants and needs of the public; and the respect and civility that all members of the school community pay to one another and to the public.

Evidence of Success
  1. Continuing to pass the school budget.
  2. Continuing to receive outstanding reports from the State, external, internal and claims auditors.
  3. Providing quality information to the school community regarding our fiscal operations and the progress we are making towards the improvement of our buildings and grounds.
  4. Providing quality information to the school community and throughout the region regarding the successes and accomplishments of our schools through regular newsletters, our website, newspaper columns, presentations at Board of Education meetings, various meetings with PTA and other community groups, and positive stories in regional newspapers and television outlets.
  5. Providing forums for direct communication between the School Board and the staff, the School Board and the various unions, and the School Board and the students.
  6. Organizing various standing and ad hoc committees of the Board of Education.
  7. Developing a long term solution to the containment of transportation costs.
  8. Sustaining and developing approaches to reduce our carbon footprint.

IV - To renew and sustain the conditions of our buildings and grounds.
We have embarked upon a sustained and aggressive initiative to improve, update, and maintain the condition of our buildings and grounds. As part of this initiative, the community approved a $3.5 million bond. We have also provided a modest capital projects budget within the annual budget. We possess the Capital Deficiencies Committee Report, a detailed road map for the long term improvement of our buildings and grounds, which will continue to guide us, and which we will update. We understand that the public has high expectations that their investment in the schools will yield high quality results and that their investment will be well maintained.

Evidence of Success
  1. Completing current capital projects on time and under budget. Current projects include high school track, half of the high school roof, high school bathrooms, Thayer House boiler, new vinyl flooring throughout the Landing School, and refinishing the high school gym floor. Additional projects for this year will include the installation of new windows and doors in the high school courtyard, the improvement of our athletic fields, the repair of the Deasy gym alley way, the installation of kitchen hoods throughout the school district, new computer labs at the high school, installation of vending machines in our schools, and the continued installation of smart boards and other electronic technology in our classrooms.
  2. Developing a timeline for implementation of the various capital projects financed through the bond, and keeping the public informed on the progress of the projects.
  3. Increasing the cleanliness and condition of our buildings and grounds.
  4. The monitoring of work orders through our electronic monitoring system.
  5. Regular updates to the public on our website.
  6. Periodic progress reports to the Board of Education at the public meetings.


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