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Gribbin Elementary School

Primary STREAM 

November in STREAM

In Kindergarten STREAM class this November we began our coding unit using a preliminary "unplugged" lesson. The students were able to use arrows to give directions to get to a destination. In our next few lessons, they used the app, Kodable to show the "Flurb" where to go by giving him directions in order. They learned that computer scientists are people who give directions to get a task done. The directions or commands they give is called coding.

Students in grade one spent the month learning all about algorithms and how computer programmers use them to tell machines what to do. The students used the Code-a-Pillar iPad application to practice creating algorithms to get the Code-a-Pillar to complete tasks. With each level, the complexity increased and new commands were added. At the end of the month, the students worked in teams to challenge each other to program the Code-a-Pillar robot.

In second grade STREAM class, second graders were introduced to They learned that an algorithm is a set of commands or directions that are used to accomplish a task. Algorithms are found in daily life; when we brush our teeth, get up in the morning, follow directions on a recipe, we follow an algorithm.

October in STREAM

This month our Kindergarteners expanded their knowledge on the use of their five senses, primarily with nature as the stimulus. They went on a nature walk at Gribbin and used their eyes to see the beautiful colors that surround us. At Deasy, the students went on a virtual field trip using Google Expeditions to see the colors in other parts of the world. Students made their own Leaf Man using different leaves after listening to Lois Ehlert's "The Leaf Man."

The Kindergarteners also listened to a book entitled "Out of School and Into Nature: The Anna Comstock Story." They got to use magnifying glasses to look at nature closely and draw what they discovered. They realized the many wonders there are to be found right outside the school building.

Students in grade one spent the month of October learning about local birds. The students became experts on bird body parts and their functions. They learned birds' beaks are different shapes and sizes because they eat different foods. The students went outside and participated in bird watching using real binoculars. They then chose to research on the iPad using PebbleGo. The students will be culminating the unit by engineering bird feeders out of recycled materials.

The second graders continued to explore matter. Our introduction to matter began with using our sense of touch using mystery bags and describing the properties of the objects. An experiment using different materials was executed to determine which was the most absorbent material. We made oobleck in class and talked about its properties as a culmination of our unit.

The second grade is continuing to research force and motion. They most recently explored different objects to see how fast or slow they fall in order to learn about gravity. We will continue our research with an experiment to further expand our knowledge on force and motion.

September in STREAM

We began our STREAM introduction with engineering and designing our own nametags. They came in very handy for the teachers the first week of school. The challenges varied in difficulty based on their grade level and we were amazed at the ingenious ways the students were able to be problem solvers.
First and Second graders set up their new STREAM journals where they will document their learning throughout the year.

We read Rosie Revere, Engineer, which is a story about the trials and tribulations of a young engineer. One of the lessons encountered in the book is to not give up. As Rosie’s aunt says, “The only true failure can come if you quit.” This book is read to all grades and revisited as a mentor text. It is available for your child to borrow from the school libraries as well as the Glen Cove Public Library.

Our Kindergarten students have begun learning about their five senses using the wonders of nature. They learned how to use a scientist’s tool, a magnifying glass, to look at something closely and observe. We read, Out of School and Into Nature: The Story of Young Anna Comstock; a female scientist that helped nurture classrooms and teachers to use nature as an impetus for learning.

Your children have been coming into STREAM class with smiles on their faces and we are so very excited to continue our journey in STREAM.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020
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