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Connolly Elementary School

School Hours: 8:10 a.m. – 2:55 p.m.
Early Dismissal Time: 11:25 a.m.

Ridge Drive, Glen Cove, NY 11542
(516) 801-7310

Welcome to Our School

The Margaret  A. Connolly Elementary School was built in 1955 and was named for Miss Margaret A. Connolly who served as a teacher when the school opened its doors in 1955 (then called East School) and later as principal for 21 years. Her total years of service amounted to 25 years. The school is situated on 13 acres of land, and is located on Ridge Drive.

Currently, as part of the district's "Paired Plan," Connolly School serves Grade 3-5 students and is paired with Gribbin School (Grades K-2).

The Connolly School faculty and staff are dedicated to providing excellent opportunities for your child's educational and social growth. Our school's mission statement and instructional philosophy are supportive of these goals. Please feel free to contact the current principal, Ms. Julie A. Mullan, or any member of our staff at 801-7310


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Current News

Connolly Fifth Grader Wins Scholastic Award

Connolly Fifth Grader Wins Scholastic Award
Connolly Fifth Grader Wins Scholastic Award 2
Kyle Demosthene, a fifth grade student in Mr. Monteleone’s class at Connolly School, was recognized for his writing by Scholastic. 

The class was tasked with writing a letter from the point of view of a WWI soldier, based on the true story of the 77th Infantry Division, which was surrounded by German soldiers in France in October 1918. They used a homing pigeon named Cher Ami (“dear friend” in French) to deliver the message that they were trapped and were being bombarded by friendly fire. The pigeon was wounded by German snipers, but managed to deliver the message, saving nearly 200 lives. 

“By appealing to the five senses, you created fantastic imagery for the reader,” the editor-in-chief of Scholastic wrote in a letter to Kyle. “Additionally, we enjoyed the suspenseful tone you included, as well as your strong opening that immediately caught the reader’s attention. Excellent work!”


Connolly Fourth Graders Share Science Expertise

Connolly Fourth Graders Share Science Expertise photo

Connolly fourth grade students worked in small groups to collaboratively research eight different topics in preparation for this year’s Science Fair. Children were able to choose their topic and engage in a six-week exploration. They conducted experiments and researched how scientific concepts influenced their findings, then presented their topics during the Science Fair.


International Feast at Connolly

International Feast at Connolly photo

Fifth grade students at Connolly School engaged in a six-week exploration of different cultures. Each class adopted a different continent and students then split into groups to research countries within that continent. Fifth graders wrote about geography, landmarks, food and other important aspects of culture, and the culminating project was a research paper written collaboratively with other students in the group. Children presented the projects and then experienced different foods related to the countries and continent they researched. Learning about different cultures can be a great way of developing an understanding of cultural diversity.

Fifth Grade Science Fair at Connolly

Fifth Grade Science Fair at Connolly
Fifth Grade Science Fair at Connolly
Fifth Grade Science Fair at Connolly
Connolly fifth graders engaged in the school’s annual science fair on June 7. Students worked in groups of two or three to explore different scientific concepts through inquiry, including absorbency, tooth decay, pulse, handedness, floating paper, producing shadows and memory. The fifth grade students then chose a topic to research and explore using the scientific method. Finally, the groups summarized their findings in their presentation.
Wednesday, June 19, 2019