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 Deasy School Hours  8:55 am - 3:40 pm




Current News

Deasy Students Learn About the Democratic Process

Prior to Election Day, Deasy students in Maureen Haff's second-grade class engaged in the democratic process of voting.

While studying why citizens’ vote, along with the voting process, students participated in an authentic voting situation. As a class they decided to vote on a class pet, but did research so they could be informed citizens. The students chose to research goldfish and hermit crabs, using iPads and various books for research. Each student filled out a class voter registration card and individual ballots. They also gave reasons as to why they chose their candidate before the votes were tallied. As a result of this election, Mrs. Haff's class will be gaining a new class pet -- a Hermit Crab!

As part of their studies, the children also had an opportunity to interview the two Glen Cove Mayoral candidates, in addition to reading about the voting process.

Deasy Students Study Mud Snails

Deasy School first-graders and their teachers visited Prybils Beach to collect information about mud snails in their natural habitat.

The activity, which launched the students’ first science project, offered the children an opportunity to explore a local freshwater habitat at Dosoris Pond and learn more about the ways that plants and animals rely on water as an important part of their habitat. Through studying mud snails, the children are beginning to learn more about mollusks and other sea life, a theme they will continue to explore during the school year.

Deasy Pre-K Learns About Fire Prevention


Deasy School pre-K students were recently visited by volunteer firefighters from the Glen Cove Fire Department. During the visit, the firefighters explained fire safety to the students. The children were also able to sit in the fire truck and were shown all the tools and apparatuses it holds.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015