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Spring Concert and Visual Art Show at Deasy

Spring Concert and Visual Art Show at Deasy Photo 1
Spring Concert and Visual Art Show at Deasy Photo 2
Spring Concert and Visual Art Show at Deasy Photo 3
Spring Concert and Visual Art Show at Deasy Photo 4

Deasy School students took the stage for the school’s annual spring concert and visual arts show on April 5.

The show began with music teacher Joy Sullivan leading students in all grades in singing, “We Are a Rainbow” and “True Colors.” Art teacher Jean Bennardo coordinated the art curriculum with the songs performed at the concert.

Kindergarten students created beautiful artwork for the cover of the program, which demonstrated their recent exploration of blending colors to create energetic abstract paintings and showcase their talents. Students made two paintings, one to grace the program cover, and the other to display and take home.

The room was decorated with student artwork, including stunning red poppies created by kindergarten students as part of their study of flowers painted by artist Georgia O'Keeffe. In addition, first-graders painted portraits of oranges, as they explored artist Paul Klee and his use of shapes and second-graders painted beautiful yellow sunflowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

Other art creations included happy little bugs catching frogs, made by first-graders to illustrate their song, “Five Green and Speckled Frogs,” and serious self portraits in tones of blue and purple people eaters created by second-grade students.


Deasy School Recognizes Autism Awareness Month

Deasy School Recognizes Autism Awareness Month Photo
Integrated co-teachers Katie Drennan and Susan Seltzer rallied the staff at Deasy School to become more aware and knowledgeable of the developmental disorder of autism by sharing some informative websites, books about children with autism and facts about the disorder in simple terms to teach to their students.

Staff members wore blue on April 3rd for Light it up Blue Day. They will also celebrate throughout the month by wearing Autism Awareness shirts on Fridays and doing some simple activities with their students. Drennan’s and Seltzer’s hope is that they will help students and staff of Deasy School to become more aware of the effects of autism and how they can best support their friends and schoolmates who have it. 

“Awareness is the first step to understanding” both teachers said, so “Light it up Blue” all month long.

Deasy First-Graders Interview Community Helpers

Deasy First-Graders Interview Community Helpers

First-graders at Deasy School are taking part in a research project with their classroom teachers and STEAM teacher Jessica McKenna.

The focus of the student’s research is community helpers, which ties into the school’s social studies curriculum. Each student was tasked with selecting a community helper to research, including firefighters, doctors, police officers, construction workers, veterinarians, farmers, dentists and astronauts.

To assist students with their research, the teachers orchestrated meetings with professionals in those specific fields for students to interview. The first-graders came up with questions to ask their interview subjects prior to the meeting and were eager to have those questions answered when the professionals arrived.

The students’ questions focused on a multitude of topics, including the education needed to secure a specific career and the responsibilities that they perform in their professions.

Research Projects Showcased at Deasy PTA Meeting

Research Projects Showcased at Deasy PTA Meeting

With the help of STEAM teacher Jessica McKenna and their second-grade teachers, Deasy students have been learning how to conduct research. Each class focused on a select type of professions or careers, such as inventors, explorers, business leaders, athletes, history makers and authors, to research specific individuals within those categories.

The students learned how to access internet databases such as PebbleGo and Abdo Zoom. They also learned how to take notes and used them to create sentences. The classroom teachers then taught them how to create paragraphs with their sentences. The project ended with the students displaying the information they learned with either a poster, mural or digital book.

One group from each second-grade class was selected to share their presentations at the February PTA meeting. Principal Melanie Arfman, Mrs. McKenna and the grade two teachers supported and assisted the students at the meeting to successfully showcase their projects.

Deasy Students Celebrate the 100th Day of School


Kindergarten and first-grade students at Deasy School commemorated the 100th day of school with a variety of fun, educational activities.

Kindergarten students counted cereal pieces in groups of ten to equal 100 and then placed them on a string, creating “Froot Loop” necklaces. They also decorated paper crowns that read “100 Days Smarter” and completed 100 jumping jacks. Meanwhile, first-grade students and teachers dressed like they were 100-years-old. The children enjoyed rotating to different stations led by first-grade teachers, creating crafts and writing about what they’ll be doing when they reach 100 years of age.  

The students had a wonderful time and were fully engaged in the activities that reinforced their classroom learning.

Monday, April 24, 2017