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Deasy School Hours  8:55 am - 3:40 pm






Current News

Cradle of Aviation Trip for Deasy First Graders

Cradle of Aviation Trip for Deasy First Graders photo

The Deasy first grade visited the Cradle of Aviation on April 16 as a culmination of 11 weeks of research on the solar system, in which students focused on the sun, Earth, moon and stars.

The trip enhanced the students’ understanding of the solar system; highlighted the engineering and design of the lunar modules, astronaut life and exploration in space; history of space travel; and showcased the planets in the planetarium show. In preparation for this exciting adventure, each class met with STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and mathematics) teachers Jessica McKenna and Giselle Taylor weekly, diving into research driven by their curiosity and questions. Students used an online database, PebbleGo, and books and videos to answer focus questions. They also learned that scientists gather their information and share their work with each other when they participated in a “Skype-A-Scientist” talk, with a scientist, Salvador Ribas, from Barcelona, Spain, whose research focuses on light pollution. He was able to answer many of the students’ pressing questions.  

The first graders created models of the sun, Earth and moon and identified the patterns of these galactic bodies, which is a Next Generation Science Standard. The research classes may have concluded for this year, but the hope is that the students continue to have questions about their universe and search for answers as scientists and lifelong learners!

Math Takes Shape at Deasy

Math Takes Shape at Deasy photo
Math Takes Shape at Deasy photo 2
Math Takes Shape at Deasy photo 3
During a math lesson that focused on the differences between 2D and 3D shapes, Mrs. Christine Maddaloni’s kindergarten class at Deasy School explored different ways to model 2D and 3D structures. The class used wooden sticks and Play-Doh to make their creations.

New Recycling Initiative To Benefit Deasy Outdoor Classroom

New Recycling Initiative To Benefit Deasy Outdoor Classroom
New Recycling Initiative To Benefit Deasy Outdoor Classroom 2
Deasy first-grade bilingual education teacher and Outdoor Education Committee member  Michelle Mardiney planted a tiny seed in the minds of her fellow committee members – a schoolwide recycling program that involves students bringing empty water bottles to school. 

Each week, the water bottles are counted by the students and their classroom teachers. The water bottles are then collected by Mrs. Mardiney and recycled at local supermarkets. At the end of the month, the weekly water bottle totals are added and the class with the most water bottles collected receives a special award and visit from “Captain Recycle.” The award is reused by passing it onto the next month’s top-collecting class. 

At the end of the school year, the Deasy classes will submit suggestions for items they would like to see added to their outdoor classroom space with the money raised. The outdoor classroom space, imagined and planned by the Deasy Outdoor Classroom Committee, was created in the summer of 2018 with the assistance of the Glen Cove Education Foundation. 

The recycling program promotes environmental respect, responsibility, compassion and awareness. It also shows the students that while one water bottle may only be worth a small amount, when students work like a team towards a common goal, they can achieve much more than one can achieve alone. 

Deasy Second-Graders Learn About Chemistry

Deasy Second-Graders Learn About Chemistry

Deasy School’s second-grade classes took a field trip to the High School where they visited with Science Coordinator Mrs. Doeschner and high school chemistry teacher Ms. Bunyan for a lesson on chemical change. The students had a wonderful time and even had the opportunity to make elephant toothpaste.

Sunday, May 26, 2019