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Gribbin Elementary School

School Hours: 8:55 a.m. – 3:40 p.m.

Early Dismissal Time: 12:10 p.m.

Seaman & Walnut Roads, Glen Cove, NY 11542
(516) 801-7210



Welcome To Our School

The Eugene J. Gribbin Primary School was built in 1966. Our school was named after Mr. Gribbin, a former principal at Glen Cove High School as well as a Superintendent for the district in 1941. Mr. Gribbin's name was synonymous with education in Glen Cove for many years.

Currently Gribbin School houses 382 students in grades k-2.

The entire staff is dedicated to educating and nurturing the whole child. We strive for a safe and secure environment where every child is encouraged to excel.

"The lesson you teach today is not confined to the walls of the classroom. Once it is implanted in the heart and mind of a child it can change the world".

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Current News

More From Gribbin’s Global Day of Design

More From Gribbin’s Global Day of Design photo

Gribbin School celebrated Global Day of Design on May 6. The goal of the event is to help foster a transformation in schools in which design will be incorporated into an everyday practice. By affording students the time to tinker, build and create, the school’s hope is that they realize the many opportunities involving design in everyday objects, places and professions. The students enjoyed using various materials to create their own masterpieces.



Gribbin Students Get Creative on Global Design Day

Gribbin Students Get Creative on Global Design Day
Gribbin School kindergartners in Mr. John Segreti’s class and students in Ms. Jessica Totino’s class enthusiastically participated in Global Day of Design on May 6.

Mr. Segreti’s class designed a classroom bowling alley, “Segreti’s Lanes.” Everything including the pins, backboard and the ball were constructed from recyclable materials. Ms. Totino’s class chose a different approach to the day. Students mapped out original designs on paper and used recycled materials or objects they required from the “Maker Box” to construct them. Students brainstormed ideas independently and created their masterpieces, which consisted of robots, houses, animals, cars and more.

The students had been learning about the need to save and protect the Earth since April. This project reinforced the idea that if everyone recycles a little bit, it can make a difference and the result will be a better future for everyone.

Book Tasting at Gribbin


Wearing chef’s aprons and hats, Gribbin School second graders in Coleen Brunhuber and Jennifer Hajok’s class presented their opinion-letter writing to parents and classmates at the class’ Readers Café on April 17.

In preparation for the oral presentations, the students took part in a “book tasting,” reading a variety of books independently. They then selected their favorite book and wrote a letter to explain why others should read it, too. One by one, each student read their letter, which included illustrations of their favorite part of the book. In addition to writing a letter, students created “menus” for their favorite book which included the book’s genre, a description of the cover and what they liked or disliked about the book. After the presentations, the class enjoyed a snack with parents and family members in attendance. 

Ms. Brunhuber, Ms. Hajok and teacher assistant Deanna Perez assisted students as they presented their letters. They commended the class on their projects and all of the hard work they did to complete them.   


Every Day Is Earth Day at Gribbin

Every Day Is Earth Day at Gribbin photo

Teachers and staff at Gribbin cultivate love and respect for nature through various outdoor lessons, and what better way to celebrate Earth than with outdoor education. In keeping with that, first grade classes enjoyed a beautiful day outside on April 16 in celebration of Earth Day.

Classes circulated from station to station, painting rocks for the native garden, creating bug hotels using plastic bottles and sticks found around the school yard. Students created Earth Day murals that featured drawn pictures and words on how they could help the Earth. They also planted seeds, read books and went bird watching using binoculars in their STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and mathematics) classes. 

Students recently researched the solar system, including Earth, with their classroom and STREAM teachers. They learned the vital lesson that the Earth is the only planet where humans can live and that we all need to take care of it. 


Learning at Gribbin Is Out of This World!

Learning at Gribbin Is Out of This World photo
Learning at Gribbin Is Out of This World photo 2
Learning at Gribbin Is Out of This World photo 3
Learning at Gribbin Is Out of This World photo 4
Students in Vanessa Broglia and Nicole Henn’s first grade class at Gribbin had a true hands-on, minds-on learning experience about the stars in the night sky. 

As part of the elementary science and technology curriculums, students researched stars using nonfiction books, photographs and internet databases. They learned what stars are and that groups of stars are called constellations. They then took this information back to their classroom and engineered constellations out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Knowledge was gained and fun was had by all!
Sunday, May 26, 2019