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Welcome to Our School

Dear Glen Cove Parents and Community:

I am fortunate and privileged to come on board as the new Principal of Glen Cove High School.  High school is an exciting time; a time when students begin to look forward to their future and learn to not only navigate all of the academic demands that will lead them towards their goals, but the emotional and social demands that come along with adolescence and young adulthood.

The optimal high school experience is one that is designed to give its students the knowledge and skills that ultimately enable them to make choices that benefit not just themselves, but their families and overall communities.  It is also an important time to learn that knowledge and skills alone aren’t enough. What really matters is how students use that knowledge and skill.  This is what is called wisdom – wisdom to do the right things and not just do things right.  Wisdom must in turn be joined with courage; the willingness to act on principle, and compassion; a genuine concern for the well-being of others.  Wisdom, courage, and compassion, together, are the foundations for a good and productive life.

Glen Cove High School pledges to work collaboratively with the larger school community to provide a truly outstanding experience for our students.  The experience and professionalism of everyone in the building is expressed not just in the rich educational experience that is made available to all of our students, but in the positive and welcoming school culture that has long been established.  As we continue to increase the connections between the classroom, the local and global community, the education we provide becomes more relevant and meaningful to our students.

In an effort to better meet the needs of our school community, I encourage parents and community members to contact me either by e-mail at, by phone at 516/ 801-7600, or in person by scheduling an appointment with my office staff.  Again, it’s through the collaborative effort of all our stakeholders that we will ensure a productive, positive, and premier educational experience for our students.

It is an honor for me to be able to serve as the Principal of Glen Cove High School and work towards our shared goals.

Antonio Santana
Glen Cove City Schools

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Current News

Incoming Freshmen Visit the High School

Administrators and teachers at Glen Cove High School welcomed incoming freshmen during a freshman orientation on Aug. 25.

Approximately 140 students were given their class schedules, had a chance to meet several of their teachers and took a tour of the high school building. The students also enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers and cookies in the courtyard thanks to the school’s PTSA, who donated the food as well as beverages.


Congratulations, Class of 2015!


The impending rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of Glen Cove High School’s Class of 2015 as they congregated with family members, administrators and Board of Education members at J.C. Maiden Field for their commencement ceremony on June 27.

During the ceremony, which was highlighted by musical selections from the school’s concert choir and band, administrators and student leaders offered words of encouragement and advice to the graduating class as they readied to enter the next phase of their lives.
Interim Principal Roseann Cirnigliaro reminded students that they were guaranteed to miss 100 percent of their shots in life if they didn’t take risks. “I wish all of you the courage to fully engage in the larger world you are about to enter,” she said. “I hope you find the passion in your life that makes you willing to take the risks needed to pursue your dreams.”

Superintendent of Schools Maria Rianna told students that their graduation from high school signified the beginning of their journey to adult life. “It’s a journey to be savored every step of the way,” she said. “Along the way you will encounter possibilities. Those possibilities can bring to you adventure, beauty, contributions and goodness. What you take from those possibilities should be things that are truly important and help you discover the joy, the passion, the purpose and the meaning in every day of your life.”

Board of Education President Richard Maccarone described the Glen Cove community as one big happy family and expressed his confidence that the Class of 2015 will be successful in their future endeavors. “You are prepared to do anything you set your mind to,” he said. “You can achieve your dreams. There is no doubt in my mind that you can be successful, but always remember Glen Cove. The people of Glen Cove will be with you every step of the way, cheering you on for greater success.”

Salutatorian Jenny Armstrong spoke to students about engaging in the game of life. “As you may have figured out,” she said, “life is not a spectator sport. Win, lose or draw, the game is in progress whether we want it to be or not, so go ahead — argue with the refs, change the rules, take a break and tend to your wounds, but play. Play hard, play fast, play loose and play free.”

Other speeches were given by honorarian Ali Raza, teacher Christopher Contorno, Class President Elias Gabriel Argueta Guillen and valedictorian Andrew Gerin, who encouraged his classmates to keep their families and friends close.

 “As you grow in age and move on, be sure to keep your family and friends relevant,” Gerin said. “No matter what you say or how stupid you act, these are the people who will always forgive you.”

The ceremony concluded with the awarding of diplomas and the traditional tossing of the caps.


Underclassmen Awards

Glen Cove High School celebrated the yearlong accomplishments of freshmen, sophomores and juniors during its annual Underclassmen Awards ceremony.

Students were acknowledged for their achievements in all subject areas, including English, social studies, English as a New Language, world languages and math. Art students were honored for excellence in different media, as were students with perfect attendance and those who performed numerous hours of community service. 

Interim Principal Roseann Cirnigliaro and Assistant Principals Allen Hudson and Nadine Richards commend all of the students on their outstanding achievements.

Gerin, Armstrong and Raza Named Top 3

Glen Cove High School seniors Andrew Gerin, Jenny Armstrong and Ali Raza have been named the Class of 2015 valedictorian, salutatorian and honorarian, respectively.

Andrew earned an overall GPA of 105.23. This accomplishment is a reflection of his hard work and dedication to his studies. Andrew successfully completed the most demanding courses offered at Glen Cove High School, even doubling up in Advanced Placement and honors science courses in consecutive years. His academic strengths are vast, as he has received academic awards in every subject area. However, there is much more to Andrew than a strong academic profile. He is thoughtful, humble and genuine and takes pride in his work, family and the community in which he was raised. During his years at Glen Cove, he never wanted his school day to end when the final bell rang. Rather, he wanted to be a part of the spirit of Glen Cove High School and became an active participant in extracurricular activities, taking on leadership roles in most. He is president of the National Honor Society, vice president of Student Senate, captain of the varsity baseball team and DECA parliamentarian, just to name a few.  
 Andrew will attend the University of Virginia in the fall, where he plans to study engineering, a passion of his since he was young. His self-driven demeanor, strong work ethic and natural intelligence are all traits that make for a great engineer. His future is extremely bright, as anything he sets his mind to he’ll accomplish.  

Jenny is described as diligent, bright, compassionate and a true leader. This impressive young woman has maintained a GPA of 102.16 while actively involving herself in school, community and athletics. Some of her prestigious recognitions include her induction into the National Honor Society and participation in NYSSMA. Jenny’s love for sports and the community is second to none. She is the captain of the varsity tennis team, Student Senate treasurer, wind ensemble section leader and junior auxiliary board member for North Shore LIJ, Glen Cove Hospital. Jenny is not only academically gifted, but also a well-rounded individual who truly cares about the community at large.  Her leadership skills were enhanced through her role as a hospital volunteer junior supervisor, where she mentored more than 100 high school students. She will attend the University of Pennsylvania this fall, where she will study nursing.

With a GPA of 102.09, Ali is ranked No. 3 in the Class of2015. He is an honored member of the National Honor Society and an AP Scholar with Honor. Ali is a Model United Nations and International Club member. He also volunteers on weekends at a local animal shelter. He has always wanted to work in the field of nuclear engineering and, according to guidance counselor Christine Mulhall, has all the characteristics needed to pursue this field. 

“Ali is disciplined, a great listener and someone with deep concern for others,” Mulhall said.“ He epitomizes the phrase ‘still waters run deep,’ for within his quietness lies a great person, the kind of person anyone would want to collaborate with. He demonstrates qualities natural to a leader: sensitivity, independence, open-mindedness, conviction and courage.”

Ali will attend the University of Wisconsin in the fall, where he will pursue a double major in theology and nuclear engineering through a special program.

March, April and May Students of the Month Recognized

Glen Cove High School recently recognized its Students of the Month for March, April and May. Every month, students are acknowledged by grade level for their hard work and achievement. In addition, the Glen Cove Rotary Club and local chapter of the Knights of Columbus each name their own student every month. Glen Cove High School interim Guidance Chairperson Diane Johnson and Assistant Principal Nadine Richards commended the students on their achievements.

The Students of the Month for March were Nicole Bedell (Rotary), Patricia Abraham (Knight of Columbus), juniors Jennifer Canales and Sarah Hashimi; seniors Eddie Velasquez Maisonit and Michael Manzione; freshman Thomas Moccia, sophomore Rachel Ranieri, freshman Alexis Reveyoso and sophomore Christina Wiese.

The Students of the Month for April were BlakeLee Woods (Rotary), Rianna Cedeno (Knights of Columbus), senior Suyen Alas, sophomore Azeem Ali, junior Emonie McDaniel, freshman Jolie Murphy, senior Saleena Nasary, junior Marco Pedone, freshman Jason Ventura and sophomore Duoyi Xi.

The Students of the Month for May were Jessica Reynolds (Rotary), Makaela Vaughan (Knights), sophomore Fiorela Avalos, senior Michael Battaglia, freshman Ryan Greenfield, sophomore Naycie Guevara, juniors Diana Marroquin and Andrew Retoske and senior Geidi Reyes.

Sunday, August 30, 2015