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Early Dismissal Time: 11:25 p.m.

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A National Blue Ribbon Award Winning
School of Excellence

Welcome To Our School

Welcome to Landing School, also known as "the Friendly School!" Landing is a special place for so many reasons. It is a place where we pride ourselves on being a family. As Landing principal, I am proud of my caring and nurturing faculty and staff, who are committed to bringing each and every child a full and enriched educational experience. We strive each day to reach our personal goals and celebrate our many successes. We value our cultural diversity and learn to be appreciative of the unique qualities that make us who we are. At Landing School, we understand that learning styles are individual and varied, and we search continually for ways to reach all learners, so that each child can realize his or her own personal potential.

Our PTA is an integral part of our family, and provides our students with a variety of fun and educational experiences throughout the school year.

Our On-Site Committee meets regularly to discuss ways in which we can be proactive as a school community and keep our learning environment a positive and productive one. We consider local community members (Glen Cove seniors, policemen, etc.) to be our extended family members and encourage their participation in our many outreach programs.

As you can see, Landing School is more than just an elementary is our home.


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    Current News

    Field Day Fun at Landing


    Landing School students who achieved success in physical education throughout the school year were celebrated during the school’s annual Field Day event.

    Congratulations to twins Edith Vanegas and Jeffrey Vanegas for receiving the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance award for excellence in physical education. Physical education awards for excellence were earned by students Valerie Acosta, Colette Brunelle, Aidan Costella, Ashly Freeman, Danielle Ginez, Chaaya Letellier, Evan Rodriguez, Allison Salinas, Edith Vanegas, Jeffrey Vanegas, Noe Velasquez and Parker Wiesner. Elias Vassilakis was the recipient of the Courage Trophy.

    Students who broke the P.A.C.E.R. records held at Landing School were also recognized, including fourth-grader Jonathan Patino (70 laps), who also holds the boys' grade 3 record of 61 laps; fifth-grader Valerie Acosta (69 laps), who also holds the grade 4 record of 59 laps; and fifth-grader Jeffrey Vanegas (81 laps).
    Other recognition was given to students in the 80s club. These students achieved 80 sit-ups on both their pre- and post-tests for curl-ups as part of their baseline and summative fitness tests.

    All in all, it was a fun day, as teachers, staff and parents participated in the adult water balloon toss to the delight of Landing students! Many thanks to water balloon fillers and to those who helped set up for the event.
    Field Day was a success thanks to the Landing PTA, Principal Benjamin Roberts, parents, staff and the custodial staff.

    Landing Students Participate in Jr. NBA Contest

    Students at Landing School participated in the Jr. NBA skills challenge and contest in April 2016.

    In preparation for the Jr. NBA contest, Landing’s student winners took part in many practice drills to perfecting their skills. They also demonstrated their talents in front of Landing School students and staff on May 13 and participated in a practice session at Finley Middle School thanks to physical education teacher Angela Zupa.

    Landing School physical education teacher Karen Serani extended her gratitude to teacher Steve Tripp for assisting with the trip. She also expressed her pride in all the students that entered the contest. Congratulations to all 13 winners on their achievement! The following students were winners in their age division:
    Girls 9-10 years old
    1st place: Nia Phillips (12 points)
    2nd place: Kathryn Houghton (11 points)
    3rd place: Lexi Bivona (6 points)

    Boys 9-10 years old
    1st place: Parker Wiesner  (26 points)
    2nd place: Jordan Howe (19 points)
    3rd place: Mitchell Muzante (15 points)

    Girls 11-12 years old
    1st place: Alyssah Lomini (16 points)
    2nd place: Millie Guevara (7 points)
    3rd place: Destiny Brown (7 points)

    Boys 11-12 years old
    1st place: Daniel Battle (18 points)
    1st place: Jeffrey Vanegas (18 points)
    2nd place: Rodni Leftwich (17 points)
    3rd place: Cameron Williams (11 points)

    The 13 finalists took part in the regional competition on June 5 at Chelsea Piers Connecticut in Stamford, Connecticut. The following students placed in three of the 12 winning positions at the regional finals:   
    Kathryn Houghton – Girls 9-10 division, second place
    Alyssah Lomini – Girls 11-12 division, third place
    Parker Wiesner –Boys 9-10 division, third place

    Congratulations to Kathryn, Alyssah and Parker for their winning efforts!

    Glen Cove Students Receive Physical Education Awards

    Finley Middle School students Eder Leiva and Daniella Reyes; Connolly students Michael Piccirillo and Brooke Tan; and Landing students and twins Edith Vanegas and Jeffrey Vanegas received Outstanding Physical Education Awards from the Nassau Zone of the New York State Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance during a ceremony at Roslyn High School on May 12.

    This award recognizes the efforts of one male and one female student exiting from fifth grade and eighth grade in June for exhibiting a physically active lifestyle and lifelong learning; demonstrating responsible personal and social behavior; displaying good character and leadership; and overall excellence in physical education.  

    Landing Hosts PRIDE Ceremony


    Landing fifth-graders celebrated the conclusion of its participation in the City of Glen Cove City’s PRIDE program during a ceremony on June 7.

    The PRIDE (peer resistance, instruction, drug and education) is an eight-week program, which brings City of Glen Cove Police Department members into the district’s elementary schools to educate children on a variety of topics, including drugs, cyberbullying and stranger danger.

    Highlighting the ceremony was the presentation of a special book that Landing fifth-graders created for members of the police department, under the direction of Sgt. Jack McDougal and AIS teacher Donna Staab titled “Reflections of the Thin Blue Line.” The commemorative book is a compilation letters, poems, stories and pictures created by the students to pay tribute to the brave members of the police department.

    City of Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello attended the celebration and commended the students on the creation of the book, which he described as “amazing.” The mayor also told students that the City of Glen Cove was proud of them all.  

    Superintendent Dr. Maria Rianna was also in attendance and told students she reflected on what students learned as part of the PRIDE program.

    “You are all getting older and as you get older you’re going to have to make decisions and we want to give you all of the skills necessary, all of the tools and knowledge necessary for you to make good choices. Not just for yourself, but for your friends and your family,” Dr. Rianna said.  

    The ceremony concluded with students explaining what they learned during the program and receiving certificates of achievement.

    Wednesday, July 27, 2016