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Landing Elementary School

School Hours: 8:10 a.m. – 2:55 p.m.

Early Dismissal Time: 11:25 p.m.

McLoughlin Street, Glen Cove, NY 11542
Office:  (516) 801-7410
Nurse: (516) 801-7460
Attendance: (516) 801-7412
Social Worker: (516) 801-7465
Cafeteria: (516) 801-7494 

A National Blue Ribbon Award Winning
School of Excellence

Welcome To Our School

Welcome to Landing School, also known as "the Friendly School!" Landing is a special place for so many reasons. It is a place where we pride ourselves on being a family. As Landing principal, I am proud of my caring and nurturing faculty and staff, who are committed to bringing each and every child a full and enriched educational experience. We strive each day to reach our personal goals and celebrate our many successes. We value our cultural diversity and learn to be appreciative of the unique qualities that make us who we are. At Landing School, we understand that learning styles are individual and varied, and we search continually for ways to reach all learners, so that each child can realize his or her own personal potential.

Our PTA is an integral part of our family, and provides our students with a variety of fun and educational experiences throughout the school year.

Our On-Site Committee meets regularly to discuss ways in which we can be proactive as a school community and keep our learning environment a positive and productive one. We consider local community members (Glen Cove seniors, policemen, etc.) to be our extended family members and encourage their participation in our many outreach programs.

As you can see, Landing School is more than just an elementary is our home.


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    Current News

    Field Day Awards at Landing

    Field Day Awards at Landing

    Landing School’s Field Day was held on May 22. During the event, this year’s New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Excellence in Physical Education awards were given to NaSean Barnes and Siena Scagliola. Exceptional-fitness physical education trophies were given to students Sarah Ayiku, Ziyauni Chandler, Kalia Edwards, Arden Jimenez, Marco Johnson, Joseph Leftwich, Kasey Miller, Miguel Rivera Flores, Jordan Robinson, Sebastian Sadowski, Rose Tursi and Leybis Villatoro. Joshua Kunzel and Mia Lupinksi were awarded the Courage Trophy, which is given to a student who demonstrates superior courage throughout the school year. In addition, Jr. NBA winners were celebrated, as was Kalia Edwards, who raised $1,200 – the most money in school history – during the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.

    Fitness plays a big role in the physical education program at Landing School. Students try to improve their fitness levels by participating in various activities throughout the academic school year. Students take baseline and summative fitness tests to document individual improvements. A number of students achieved 80 sit-ups on both their prefitness and postfitness tests for curl-ups. That is an incredible achievement. Congratulations to those students and to all those who achieved 80 curl-ups! 

    Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting

    Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
    Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
    Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
    Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
    Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
    Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
    Landing Students Enjoy Asparagus Tasting
    District students are enjoying a delicious, nutritious treat thanks to the Farm to School program funded by a grant from the NYS Dept of Agriculture.
    According to district Child Nutrition Director Kim Coopersmith, the students’ first tasting was asparagus and the next will be spinach. 

    “We will be bringing in different crops based on what’s in season over the next two years for the students to taste. Hopefully, these relationships we are building with the local farms will be a lasting relationship, and we hope to incorporate some of the favorites into our regular menus,” Coopersmith said.

    At each school, students are taking part in conversations with Farm to School Coordinator Bhavani Jaroff about the taste of “green foods,” the nutritional value of asparagus, and are learning the plant is a perennial.

    According to the National Farm to School Network, Farm to School enriches the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools and early care and education sites.

    The voluntary taste test began at Landing School on May 28. It will continue to all district schools before wrapping up on June 4.

    Sun and Fun at Landing Field Day


    The students were smiling and the sun was shining when Landing School held its annual Field Day celebration on May 22.

    Organized by physical education teacher Karen Serani, students participated in a water balloon toss, a three-legged race, a variety of different relay events and more. Throughout the event, students were entertained by music and were excited to have representatives from the New York Islanders in attendance. The New York Islanders provided a bouncy house, an obstacle course and a hockey shot for the youngsters to enjoy. 

    Ms. Serani expressed her gratitude to the New York Islanders organization, as well as the parents and volunteers who made the day one the students will never forget! 


    Landing Students Learn the Importance of Memorial Day

    Landing Students Learn the Importance of Memorial Day photo
    Landing students in Ms. Courtney McCord’s AIS classes displayed their depth of knowledge mastery, while honoring our fallen veterans for the upcoming Memorial Day. Students in grade 3 read a fiction story about a boy visiting his grandmother for Memorial Day weekend and learning many exciting facts about the reason he had off from school for the holiday. The students shared the author's perspective on various pages of the text.

    Students in grades 4-5 read a nonfiction text describing how and why Americans recognize Memorial Day as a national holiday. The students demonstrated various ELA skills including determining the main idea and supporting details of a text, connecting text and visuals, and comparing and contrasting organizational text structures.

    Landing Students Showcase Their Study of Brazil

    Landing Students Showcase Their Study of Brazil photo

    Landing Elementary School third graders recently participated in the Communities Around the World Project. The students learned about Brazilian culture and the political, social and economic components that define Brazil, and were tasked with creating posters and carnival masks to showcase their learning.

    The children read two articles from the National Geographic Ladders Social Studies series “Welcome to Brazil.” They worked collaboratively in their reading groups to stop and jot notes from “Into the Rain Forest” by David Holford and “Let’s Go to Carnival” by Hugh Westrup. Using the information they learned, they then constructed posters that included important facts, animals, celebrations, traditions and landmarks significant to Brazilian culture. They also designed carnival masks that were inspired by their learning. Finally, the children shared their projects with each other and watched a video about carnival celebrations around the world.  Students were able to compare and contrast the different celebrations and make a common connection to communities around the world. They learned that we may all come from different backgrounds and cultures, but we are all part of the same human race.

    Thank you to all our third grade teachers, Mrs. Tenke and Ms. Oliveira, ICT teachers Ms. Conte and Mrs. Cornelis, and teaching assistants Ms. Gomez and Mrs. Glaviano, who prepared and planned this project, and the third grade students who participated in this activity.

    Wednesday, June 19, 2019