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Our mission is to develop the intellect and character of
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 Please join us in congratulating the Finley Middle School 8th Grade Class of 2014.  The faculty and staff of Finley middle school wish our 8th graders the best of luck as they move up to the high school and in all their future endeavors.

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Getting Ready for Middle School: A Former Student’s Perspective

Former Finley Middle School student and current Glen Cove HS sophomore Michelle Melfi remembers all too well the challenges of adapting to the sixth grade and a new school, including changing classrooms, mastering lockers and meeting new people. In an effort to help fifth graders who are preparing to move up to Finley Middle School, Michelle created a digital “Sixth-Grade Survival Guide” as her community service project to earn the highest level of achievement in the Girl Scouts. You can view her presentation by clicking here




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Scenes from Finley Middle School’s Graduation

With the arrival of summer comes the departure of students and the culmination of the year’s activities, memories, and a lot of hard work. For many students, including those at Finley Middle School, it is time to move on – in their case, on to the final chapter of their public school education which will begin at Glen Cove High School this fall. Principals of the past joined Finley Principal Nelson Iocolano and Supt. of Schools Maria Rianna in congratulating the outgoing eighth-graders and wishing them well as they move up.

Kiwanis Honors Finley Students

The Long Island North Division of Kiwanis Club  honored two seventh-graders from Robert M. Finley Middle School during a recent ceremony held at the New Hyde Park Elks Lodge. Anthony Condo was recognized as the most improved student and Michael Vaughan was honored as the most improved student-athlete.  Anthony and Michael have shown improvement and growth by hard work, dedication and persistence.  Through the process they have developed character and skills in order to be successful students.  The night was a tremendous source of pride for the children, their parents and school.

Discovering the Universe in Your Own Backyard

Close to 500 Finley Middle School earth and physical science students recently enjoyed Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium’s “Discovering the Universe” traveling classroom.

The mobile exhibit rolled into the Finley parking lot and set up shop for the final days of classes, thanks to a grant written by parent Patricia Unger. “Discovering the Universe” consists of multiple stations that offer hands-on interactive exhibits that engage students in different topics. While each station is a self-contained module, the classroom is designed to show how astronomers acquire knowledge about the Universe.

Each module presents a different part of the process of obtaining information. They are: a “light station,” which explains how light contains information about distant objects and shows how this information can be decoded; a “telescope station” that introduces the basic tool astronomers use to collect light and shows why telescopes are superior to human eyes as light-gathering tools; a “digital imaging” station that shows how images recorded by telescopes can be stored, analyzed, and enhanced by computers; a “3-D universe” station that shows how astronomers create three-dimensional maps that help them visualize the universe and let them “fly” through simulated 3-D space; and a “gravity station” that explores how gravity, weight, weightlessness, and orbits are produced by a universal force that shapes the structure and motions of all the objects astronomers study.

Students were provided with worksheets to complete as they rotated through the different stations.

Finley Middle School Band Takes 1st Place for Music in the Park

The Robert M. Finley Middle School Concert Band, under the direction of Keith Schmidt, won first place in its division at the 2014 Music in the Parks Festival. The competition took place at Messiah College in Pennsylvania with an award ceremony at nearby Hershey Park. The band played for a panel of judges that were impressed with the musicianship displayed during the performance. Congratulations to all participants!

Finley Inducts 23 into NJHS

Recognizing student achievement both inside and outside of the classroom, the National Junior Honor Society at Finley Middle School welcomed 23 new members. Graduating eighth-grade members and the society’s officers participated in the ceremony to officially induct these students into the Finley chapter of the NJHS, which now boasts 42 members. 

NJHS is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS honors those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.

Finley’s NJHS chapter participates and facilitates a variety of community service projects in and around the Glen Cove schools and the community. Their adviser is Carol Gaughran. Congratulations to the following students, who regularly exemplify the NJHS virtues:

Grace Tenke – President, Charles McQuair – Vice President, Jolee Murphy – Secretary, Joshua Filippone – Treasurer, Talia Sakhaee - Historian
2014 Inductees:
Isabel Blas, Emily Budraitis, Lucy Costello, Micaela Costello, Kayla Demosthene, John Dong, Mackenzie Edwards, Yessenia Fernandez, Ariana Greenberg, Mason Kletter, Glory Mayreis, Jesse Mayreis, Sienna Nicolich, Evan O'Regan, Lauren Retoske, Arden Sanders-D'Alleva, Alyssa Schmitt, Alondra Schuck, Evelyn Tran, Morgan Vignali, Julianna Willson, Andrew Woska, Joseph Yee
2013 - 2014 Members:
William Casale,  Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, Nicole Franklin, Amanda Ieraci, Monika Jagustyn, Logan Pascucci, Dominique Pawul, Chloe Perez, Deliliah Perez, Brianna Pfaff, Meghan Smith, Rebecca Tan, Ryan Telese, Alyssa Wozlonis
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